Bash morning session

  1. Instructor / helpers / course introduction.
  2. Distribute the usernames and the password.
  3. Let’s try to log in to the training cluster.
  4. Review the program for this morning: you have 1h15m of materials to read/watch.

By mid-day you should be comfortable with:

  • creating and deleting files and directories, copying and moving them
  • writing text into a file and printing its contents to the terminal
  • working with tar archives
  • copying files to/from a remote server
  • redirecting output to a file
  • using Unix wildcards (* character)
  • using pipes to construct longer commands
  • working with Unix loops

Some of the hands-on exercises we will do in the mid-day Zoom session:

  • Many exercises on navigating the filesystem.
  • Combine ls and head into a one-line command to show three largest files (by the number of bytes) in a given directory.
  • Write a one-line command to show the name of the longest (by the number of lines) *.pdb file in the current directory.
  • Working with environment variables.
  • Write a loop to rename all *.txt files in a given directory to *.bak files.
  • Write a loop to replace spaces to underscores in all file names in the current directory.