Introduction to ML with PyTorch

Marie-Helene Burle (WestGrid)

2 days


Familiarity with Python*

Clarify concepts of machine learning and guide you through the first steps with PyTorch

We will meet during the Zoom sessions

You will go over the material in Readings, Videos, and Practices on your own

Going over the self-directed sections prior to our meetings is necessary to be able to follow

Time zone:
Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-07:00)

*Those wanting to prepare for this course can read the Python and NumPy tutorials (PyTorch has many similarities with NumPy).

July 9

Introduction to the WestGrid Summer school PyTorch course
In this session, I will introduce the course, explain what you have to do before our next meeting, and give you a username for the training cluster.

Our Zoom cap is 100 people and, for this course, we are using a cluster with 100 user names. There are however many more than 100 people on the waitlist. We are doing a repeat of this course to give some of you another chance to attend, but unfortunately, not everybody will be able to join if we reach our cap.
A username for the cluster will only be given to those joining this opening session.

Issues accessing and setting up the training cluster
This session is not part of the actual course. Please only sign up for it if you have followed the instructions on Training cluster setup but are having issues accessing our training cluster or installing the required Python packages in a virtual environment.

July 10

Our first neural network
In this session, we will put everything you learnt yesterday together to write our first neural network.

In this session, we will answer questions and wrap up the course.